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The next place I leave, I want to leave it clean. Free from the pile of debris I've left everywhere else I've left. This means not keeping so many things. This means not acquiring so many things. This means giving things away. This means throwing things away. What is the point of keeping so much … Continue reading attachment, 2


Her, coming down the escalator in a green t-shirt that urged us not to pick the flowers, beaming a sweetly awkward smile. I'm not sure what the color of her purse was, or how dark her jeans were, or whether she was really wearing a belt. I mostly remember how it felt, to stand there … Continue reading memory


I have a tendency to keep things. Whenever preparing to move, I face piles of saved event flyers, programs, ticket stubs, even receipts. My life is filled with small, random things on which I've imposed some level of sentimental meaning. If I were a diligent scrapbooker, this compulsive hoarding of paper momentos would not be … Continue reading attachment