What happens when we lose the will to fight? What happens when the yelling gets caught on tears at the back of our throats? Do they wither and slip out of us or do they create cracks and fissures in all the bonds that keep our feet planted on the ground, make our hands unafraid … Continue reading infancy


I wonder what our world would be like if our first instinct upon seeing an insect were not to squash it. And what would our world be like if we asked for forgiveness from the insects we did squash. What if we felt regret for each tree we had to cut down, each flower we … Continue reading Life


I have a favorite spoon for cooking: a bamboo wooden "rice spoon" that my mother gave me long ago. I sincerely believe that my cooking is different--somehow, better--when I use this spoon. Stir-frying, oatmeal, soups, polenta, even frying an egg (for which it is not the ideal tool, but I use it anyway)-- it all … Continue reading wood

Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is like going shopping in a thrift store. You have to be willing to sift through all the things that you don't want, you have to be patient enough to keep on looking, not to leave. You'll see things that interest you for a bit--a knick-knack, a funny mug, a weird … Continue reading Los Angeles