e c o s y s t e m

we are, all of us,to some the myceliumand to some the tree we might bethe fungusor the flowerwe can strive to bethe soilor the rootwe are, all of us,necessary from abandon our nightmares, 2021 I spend a lot of time thinking about how we fit together. About the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. About … Continue reading e c o s y s t e m

p e r e n n i a l 

photo of the poem "perennial" from chapbook with the leaves and stem of a plum oxalis in the corner.

An annual practiceas a way of learning,a way of knowinga way of growing.To come backyear after yearsifting through the newunearthing the oldtracing my waythrough tangled rootssome thick, some slender beginning to curlaround the base of a containerno longer quite large enoughsearchingfor a wayto fit or, perhaps,seeking a new placeto stay. From scatter, 2019 Again, I find myself … Continue reading p e r e n n i a l 

d r e a m i n g

on Kashia Pomo lands at times it is lonesome knowingwe do not dreamone another's dreamsthough we dwellas near as we do. I hope for us to dreamsuch immense dreamsthat the edges overlap allowing us to embraceacross infinite differences,to become sourcesof the warmth and easeour weary souls seekupon sleeping so that we can abandonour nightmares and, … Continue reading d r e a m i n g

p l a c e

The Queer Wildlands Technical Trail Crew writing in the waning sunlight at so-called Kearsarge Lakes, Pamidu Toiyabe / Sierra Nevada, Kings Canyon National Park all those placeswe thought weren'tmeant for us-- go. someone is there waiting for youto arrive or hoping to see youwhen theyfinally make it. there may befaint footprintsto follow, to deepen which … Continue reading p l a c e