p l a c e

The Queer Wildlands Technical Trail Crew writing in the waning sunlight at so-called Kearsarge Lakes, Pamidu Toiyabe / Sierra Nevada, Kings Canyon National Park all those placeswe thought weren'tmeant for us-- go. someone is there waiting for youto arrive or hoping to see youwhen theyfinally make it. there may befaint footprintsto follow, to deepen which … Continue reading p l a c e

w e   f i n d

https://soundcloud.com/longcoolhallway/we-find we are from different homelands,members of multiple diaspora--home, heart, ancestry we search fornourishmentin old placesand new resign ourselvesto the realitythat we will alwayshave certainhollows in ourbellies or our heartsfor the sakeof filling certain needs. we celebrate that howeverour tides may change,we find waysto ride the wavestoward one another, and when we share spaceand time-- … Continue reading w e   f i n d

r e a c h

It’s National Poetry Month. Springtime. Aries season. As good a time as any to re-emerge here.From why don’t we know each other (2017):r e a c hI suspectthat we arereaching for one anotherdespite the wallswhich stand between us.Let us offerone anotherour softunderbellies—that which wehold so closelyprotect so carefullybecause painis painful to expose,painful to discuss,difficult to … Continue reading r e a c h