three decades

30 is such a round, even age is life half over or just a third begun? whatever the case, feels like i've got some good momentum guess i'll keep rolling on


there's no more time for wet clay work in my ceramics class so my hands were glad that i chose to make cinnamon rolls soft and sticky dusted with sugar, walnuts, and cinnamon i don't know whether they'll rise enough tonight whether they'll be fluffy as hoped or dense as my usual bread endeavors i … Continue reading relishing

perpetually gathering

1. my parents have at least two dozen varieties of edible and/or beautiful plants in their garden, some of them sprouted from seeds, some of them nurtured from cuttings, some of them gifts from me, some of them purchased from the market with trepidation: will this $15 blueberry bush actually bear fruit? can a longan … Continue reading perpetually gathering