after the fact

there is guilt there is love there is appreciation there is a realization of everything that was there of everything that was given of everything that was withheld and here after the fact, we cry our mournful tears for all that they once were for all that we knew or never knew they were for … Continue reading after the fact

recession, 2

Some ask when things will get back to the way things were when the real question is when we'll move on and stop wishing to get back to business as usual, instead realize that the old way of things is how we got here and here and now it's time for a rethinking, a demolition … Continue reading recession, 2


I am at the end of a too-short rope, dangling, swinging back and forth and back and forth looking for a place to land.


given too much space, too much freedom, it is shapeless, drifts apart from itself, becomes indistinguishable. compressed too tightly, and it threatens to explode. the goal, always, is equilibrium.