I keep trying to figure out how my dreams got so tangled up in your freeway junctions how I learned to stay calm in the afternoon traffic how it ever managed to get so damn easy to love you I could attribute it to finding peace in the swaying palm trees or the downtown skyline … Continue reading why

a where

This city is for those who are endlessly willing to endlessly search for places to find respite between these endless miles of highway where everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere and we say that with sarcasm in our throats as though we've forgotten that those "somewhere"s that people are trying to get to … Continue reading a where


There are so many parts of this big ol' town to learn, there's no way I'll figure it out before I'm gone, but oh, I mean to see touch taste as much as possible before I go.

tell me

Tell me about the hills tell me about the heat tell me about the waves tell me about the dust tell me about the palm trees tell me about the rosemary tell me about the Spanish mustard tell me about the poppies tell me about the riverbed tell me about the drought tell me about … Continue reading tell me