in the sky

i watched the weather transition between dark gray clouds, patches of blue, sudden sunlight, wind sending rain sideways and then the sun again sending warmth against my back if i hadn't been looking up just then i would not have seen the rainbow tracing its way all the way across the sky from earth to … Continue reading in the sky


there are things i hold close things that are most certainly not very good for me emotional crutches chemical influences patterns of fantasy they have a hold on me and i embrace them back call it a foolish consistency call it addiction call it by any term you please someday it may not be this … Continue reading vise


i need to use my hands they are small, but they are hungry their fingertips, though calloused, want to offer gentleness these palms criss-crossed by the lines of a haphazard life also know what it is to cradle with care these hands are hungry to grasp, to hold, to stroke they yearn for rock, strings, … Continue reading utility

not dreaming

i am enveloped in a warm reality which has me caught in much absent waking reverie this must be what it is like to be completely awake.