of selves

how many other young, brown-skinned short-statured girls dreamt as i dreamt of waking into a next, an other life with more money, less melanin and european heritage? standing in a shower with muted pink walls trying to imagine what it would be like to have a life like the non-Asian people on TV wondering whether … Continue reading of selves

of youth

When did I think to dream, to dare to dream, of standing with a love, on a street, in the open, under sunlight or moonlight, vulnerable to each other and to a world which might cast violence upon us for the brush of our lips, our tender embrace My dreams have sent me to those … Continue reading of youth

dreams, 2

at times it may be lonesome knowing we have never dreamed one another’s dreams though we dwell as near as we do i hold fast to hope that we each dream such immense dreams that the edges overlap allowing us to embrace across infinite differences when we rise together let this be a source of … Continue reading dreams, 2

of holding

the fear of having because to have means there is the danger of losing so it is better sometimes to simply let go not to hold on to that which might fall, might wilt, might someday be torn away to expect an end, a disappearance, a changing of course, because the wind always changes-- that … Continue reading of holding