In 2010, I put together my first chapbook (with moral and editing support from Sumiko Braun).

I then vowed to compile and release a chapbook every year, forever.

Sometimes I don’t make it.

You can read a little bit about my process here.

from somewhere along the way
Poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. 44 pages.
$15 (includes shipping in US)

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Photo by Vicky Luu

what is precious
44 pages. 20 pieces.
(Cost includes shipping in the U.S.*)

earth things
48 pages
Pay what you wish. ($7-$12 suggested)*
I’ve been marinating and macerating and masticating the ideas in this since 2010.
earth things 2013

of cities and lovers
36 pages
$6.25 (includes shipping)*
These pieces were written while I was based in LA. It is a love letter of sorts.

Lapsed, alas.

Tracing Steps *Only a handful left. 
48 pages
$7.50+shipping from Blacklava
Much of this was birthed in 2009.
Tracing Steps Chapbook

Get more than one

of cities & lovers + earth things + what is precious + forthcoming 2015 chapbook
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Tracing Steps + of cities and lovers $12.00 (includes shipping)*
of cities and lovers earth things : Pay what you wish ($12-17 suggested)*
Tracing Steps + of cities and lovers earth things : Pay what you wish ($18-$23 suggested)*

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Audio chapbooks also available.