Each year, I compile a collection of writing. Why.

I staple and fold them myself.

Forthcoming 2023 chapbook generously supported by a grant from Cambodian American Literary Arts Association (CALAA), pronounced /k’lah/, like the tiger in the Khmer language.


a chapbook with a metallic black cardstock cover, with the word "here" and a quarter-size circle stenciled in coppery orange acrylic, sitting on a backdrop of snow

here (2022)
Poems on place, being, belonging.

36 pages

Interior printed at Oakland Copy & Print
Covers hand-stenciled by the author with acrylic paint & guidance from some fine folks at Flax Oakland.

95 copies made.

abandon our nightmares (2021)
Another pandemic collection, investigating value, money, and the meaning of progress.

40 pages
Interior printed at Oakland Copy & Print
Cover printed on a well-preserved Canon PIXMA iP6700D thanks to Gutenprint

Available for $5-15 (plus postage) via the Asian American Women Artists Association online shop. Out of stock as of April 2023.

I was part of AAWAA exhibits Dear Mother in 2018 and Sowing Agency in 2021. I’m glad to support AAWAA with 30% of each sale.

Past & out of print:

unearthings (2020)

The first pandemic collection, by turns angry, pained, and hopeful.
36 pages
Printed at Oakland Copy & Print

scatter (2019)

Poems informed by climbing, clay, and the earth.
32 pages

if not for this (2018)

Poems mourning and hoping.
40 pages

why don’t we know each other (2017)

Poems and essays about reaching for one another.
40 pages

Listen to “we find”
Listen to “go”

make / mend (2016)

Post-election writing about war, family, clay, returning from expeditions to news of atrocities.
36 pages.

Listen to “after the election”

from somewhere along the way (2015)

Poems & writing on family and becoming an outdoor educator, and a short story.
42 pages

Listen to “adventure”
Listen to “procreation”

what is precious (2014)

Poems about transience, love, returning, remembering.
44 pages

Listen to “the poet you need to be”
Listen to “pour”
Listen to “timing”

earth things (2013)

Poems about plants, the earth, and the possibility of changing our world.
46 pages

Listen to “land.”

of cities and lovers (2012)

A farewell love letter to Los Angeles in my last year as a resident. Poetry and short fiction.
36 pages

Available as audio.

tracing steps (2010)

Poetry and prose reflections on my Khmer American childhood and my first visit to Cambodia in 2004.
47 pages

Available as audio.