e c o s y s t e m

we are, all of us,to some the myceliumand to some the tree we might bethe fungusor the flowerwe can strive to bethe soilor the rootwe are, all of us,necessary from abandon our nightmares, 2021 I spend a lot of time thinking about how we fit together. About the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. About … Continue reading e c o s y s t e m

Poetry Outside

Photo of four adults and a small child sitting on the ground. Narinda smiles as she reads from an orange chapbook. Photo credit: Claudia Miranda. Last winter's outdoor poetry reading at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. Grateful for the invitation from AAWAA to create this offering for their fundraiser last year, and to Mayowa (at center … Continue reading Poetry Outside

new writing

Another year, another chapbook. abandon our nightmares (2021) is available for purchase here for $5-15, plus shipping. This collection was borne from a year of exploring and expanding dreams; ones I knew I had and ones I didn't. As deep as we are in muck, in a collective nightmare, dreams still our necessary. My poem, … Continue reading new writing