looking out

i can see forever from here there are gray hairs and wrinkles waiting (a few have made their way to me already) lots of salonpas patches, probably a cane, maybe dentures, i might have a tight perm like my grandma did squint through thick glasses and a persistent cough, i'll smile at the little babies … Continue reading looking out

late twenties

i look in the mirror and notice how my smile no longer leaves my face instead it lingers around my eyes fine lines that act as reminders of past laughter and sunny days and mark a trail to the many more to come.

the old familiar

sure, the aching joints, wrinkles, excess skin, excess fat, heart burn, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fading vision, diminishing hearing all make aging harder but the most heartbreaking thing is when people start to smile less, speak in professional tones all the time, when the old familiarity starts to fade away, and you … Continue reading the old familiar