I remember well the first time I felt the weight of you. The intake of breath. How your leg settled between mine. Our bellies meeting. You sinking into me sinking into the mattress, sinking into something deeper than before. Wanting and waiting and having waited and having wanted and wanting to wait and wondering whether … Continue reading weightless

on size

i'm learning to count my smallness as a blessing though there are places i find harder to reach there are also those places i fit more easily i've learned to appreciate how near the earth my heart is how my footfalls crush fewer blades of grass i am still learning how this body and this … Continue reading on size

motion, 5

i don't quite grasp how beauty finds beauty in me by now i should be used to shifting definitions but there is still a persistent sense of disbelief which i ought dismantle call it wonder instead embrace being embraced forget the questions look in no mirrors look no further than at the look in her … Continue reading motion, 5

into flesh

dry air bright sun make me forget the blemishes on my skin the imperfect proportions of my bones and muscles let me be inside my body and think of nothing but your embrace