p e r e n n i a l 

photo of the poem "perennial" from chapbook with the leaves and stem of a plum oxalis in the corner.

An annual practiceas a way of learning,a way of knowinga way of growing.To come backyear after yearsifting through the newunearthing the oldtracing my waythrough tangled rootssome thick, some slender beginning to curlaround the base of a containerno longer quite large enoughsearchingfor a wayto fit or, perhaps,seeking a new placeto stay. From scatter, 2019 Again, I find myself … Continue reading p e r e n n i a l 

make / mend

Hello readers. Another year, another chapbook. My latest is called make / mend.  I've opened an online shop to make it easier to purchase and support my work. Click the image below to take a visit. It took me a long time to open a shop. One roadblock was choosing between different services and websites. Another was … Continue reading make / mend