the flowers exploding in the path to my door force me to take a less direct route than i intend i don't know who planted them maybe no one did but i would not call them weeds or label them a nuisance they are a beautiful obstruction luring butterflies spraying color against gray concrete   … Continue reading intent

perpetually gathering

1. my parents have at least two dozen varieties of edible and/or beautiful plants in their garden, some of them sprouted from seeds, some of them nurtured from cuttings, some of them gifts from me, some of them purchased from the market with trepidation: will this $15 blueberry bush actually bear fruit? can a longan … Continue reading perpetually gathering

modern gardening

why do we throw nine seeds into the ground and prune away all but three which deign to sprout? who taught us to plant this way to waste life such disrespect for the energy it takes a seed to awaken for the millennia of evolution that went into it knowing how to come to life … Continue reading modern gardening

variety and value

once upon a time there were no "heirloom" tomatoes there were just tomatoes all of them different-colored, oddly shaped, raucously irregular and unpredictable eventually the ones who were most uniform were the ones chosen by industrialization planted row after row after row packaged up and consumed while their wilder relatives were slowly choked out of … Continue reading variety and value