third new year

after the gregorian new year and the lunar new year there is the khmer new year and with it comes my birthday and the anniversary of the reason i exist, here in this country in this psyche april 17, 1975 bombs and gunfire the fall no time to think about the new year no incense … Continue reading third new year

for dinner

the sweetness of getting to decide every night what to eat, where, and with whom has merged with a nostalgia for coming home to a pot of rice, and plates of entrees (always at least one soup), and everyone reaching in with their own fork or spoon. i wonder whether what it is like to … Continue reading for dinner


twin dreams sprout daily from my chest i am called to forests, highways, unfamiliar landscapes and at the same time, i find my hands yearning for earth and old memories longing for those who have loved me through at my messiest wanting to have both to have everything to have it all: to stay and … Continue reading split