still haven't started reading a new book this year internet pages keep opening on my screen i guess i'm learning new things with each one but i'm not sure how much is sticking and my eyes are a different kind of tired than they get from the printed page the kind of tired that comes … Continue reading lament


i learned to live inside all these wires more of my life in them than out i dream of severing all these connections bit by bit until there is only paper and ink and skin i wonder what i would find whether i would spend more time closer to all the people these wires make it … Continue reading sever

most of the time

I got my first laptop ten years ago. The glow of the screen absorbed me then, too. More seductive even than the television screen. Through my laptop, through the internet, I was able to connect. I was able to be drawn into the glow of the 12" screen, and forget the dark room around me. … Continue reading most of the time

digital divide

how disheartening it must be for my mother to walk into this room now and see three of us here in the same space only physically each of us with our eyes affixed firmly to our own screens barely acknowledging that she has entered the room her gaze unmet the words she voiced just now … Continue reading digital divide