procreation, 2

i sat to write about how my mother was never given poetry but i realize that i do not know whether that is true i have never asked. the older i get, the angrier i get that the education i received was laced with the poison of colonizer culture i got compliments on my writing … Continue reading procreation, 2


i can hear the heartbreak in my mother's voice when she repeats back to me regretfully confirmation of my desire to never bear children it's been more than a decade since i first made the declaration but of course it's never been real to her until now, as i stand here well past the beginning … Continue reading procreation

this tongue

we live in constant translation between the tongue we learned to love in and the tongue that taught us shame our thoughts form in a language that is foreign to our elders but our mother tongue is still inside us and we can coax her out not for the sake of keeping tradition alive, but … Continue reading this tongue