motion, 14

sitting on the train this morning flipping through the notebook that i've carried with me everywhere written nearly everything in these last two long and full years which i am getting ready to let go i turned to the pages where i wrote khmer characters over and over again so many hours over the three … Continue reading motion, 14


relatives would ask whether i'd dyed my hair i would tell them honestly that no, i hadn't, i'd just spent a lot of time in the sun and that would happen every summer and i'm certain that some of them never believed me that my dark brown hair could go so light naturally another reminder … Continue reading sunpale

of survival

I don't know whether to call their survival courageous. "Courage" suggests that they had some kind of choice. To be courageous, or not. For them, it was to live, or not. For some, certainly, the decision to live is a courageous one. For them, I am not sure a decision was ever necessary. I want … Continue reading of survival