ten years later

when you are driving down a familiar highway more slowly more carefully than you used to and memories rush back with a surprising lack of pain the resentment the ache the sting replaced by amusement ah, the messiness of youth you say with ease. how strange and how sweet to find bitterness mellowed by time … Continue reading ten years later

after falling

standing here the moment of falling long behind me it is worth speaking of the way it feels to tuck against the familiar the desire to remain in an embrace to persist in the face of imperfection to marvel at the journey to see what strange bends we've taken to know that sameness is not … Continue reading after falling

wool sweater

it's itchy sometimes it doesn't fit flatteringly but it is still my favorite keeping me warm when i wear it and when i see it hanging there in my closet some things you're just meant to keep . . . Get a copy of my latest chapbook, from somewhere along the way (2015).