nothing stolen

someone broke into the house it was quite easy really considering the already-torn screen and the open, un-barred windows they tousled up a couple of rooms made messes but somehow took nothing no real harm done except this now unsettled feeling that we must be more careful now make sure all the doors are locked … Continue reading nothing stolen

motion, 13

comfortable home a sunny room fresh bread on the kitchen counter make it easy to neglect the other needs: the sound of ocean, breeze in your hair, legs pumping bicycle pedals, the process of becoming familiar with unfamiliar paths the hardest part is to get up and into some street clothes and out the door … Continue reading motion, 13

motion, 2

pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat a year has passed since i settled my collection of plastic bins and cardboard boxes in this place a few months ago i pulled my book collection out of our cellar storage in part to preserve their pages from what i thought would be a moist bay area winter … Continue reading motion, 2