pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat i was trained for transient life from childhood from conception movement is a survival strategy i was born into and born from i have never quite known how to live any other way pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat repeat, yes, but not so quickly that i do not … Continue reading motion

familiar enough

while reading Marquez's Strange Pilgrims on BART this morning i got a wave of nostalgia for warm mornings waking up somewhere far away, someplace i was only beginning to know sometimes those places were distant geographically and that was wondrous sometimes those places were foreign only to my experience and that was special, too here, … Continue reading familiar enough

be willing

the six-hour drive is easier every time i've become adept at snack-based stay-awake strategies my foot has plenty of stamina for the gas pedal on those Grapevine inclines makes me think i might be ready to extend the distance aim my car at farther-away places make all those road trip visions a reality so much … Continue reading be willing

oakland, 12

this is how it always begins, these love stories with new cities, it always begins with the geography I am beginning to commit to memory the idiosyncrasies of her streets, how Stanford curves into Powell, how Adeline veers west as you head south, the sharp angle at which Claremont and Shattuck intersect my affair with … Continue reading oakland, 12