of youth

When did I think to dream, to dare to dream, of standing with a love, on a street, in the open, under sunlight or moonlight, vulnerable to each other and to a world which might cast violence upon us for the brush of our lips, our tender embrace My dreams have sent me to those … Continue reading of youth


1993 Southern California The temples we went to did not look like temples, but they were still called "wat." They were usually buildings tucked into neighborhoods. Houses dressed as places of worship. Places of worship disguised as houses with huge gravel parking lots and hammocks hanging between trees. There were trees all around the property … Continue reading temple

where she was

across from the park that has hosted hundreds of our family gatherings birthday cakes and boardgames rollerblades and skateboards the large, rectangular, boring 1970s building on the corner of warner and euclid is where i last saw her fifteen summers have passed since she drew her last breath on a hospital bed on the day … Continue reading where she was