Poetry Outside

Photo of four adults and a small child sitting on the ground. Narinda smiles as she reads from an orange chapbook. Photo credit: Claudia Miranda. Last winter's outdoor poetry reading at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. Grateful for the invitation from AAWAA to create this offering for their fundraiser last year, and to Mayowa (at center … Continue reading Poetry Outside

w e   f i n d

https://soundcloud.com/longcoolhallway/we-find we are from different homelands,members of multiple diaspora--home, heart, ancestry we search fornourishmentin old placesand new resign ourselvesto the realitythat we will alwayshave certainhollows in ourbellies or our heartsfor the sakeof filling certain needs. we celebrate that howeverour tides may change,we find waysto ride the wavestoward one another, and when we share spaceand time-- … Continue reading w e   f i n d