How I Learned to Not Stop Worrying and Still Love Rock Climbing

Originally posted at Girls Like Giants and reposted at Racialicious (RIP) in 2012. Since writing this piece, I (rather unexpectedly) became a rock climbing instructor and outdoor educator. I've witnessed a heartening increase in public discourse around the topic of equity in this sector and am currently working on a follow-up piece. I’ve been climbing… Continue reading How I Learned to Not Stop Worrying and Still Love Rock Climbing


to throw a grasp far up though our toes might be unsteady the moment of fingers catching, and then the careful holding on suddenly finding breath and balance despite uncertainty sometimes it only takes a tiny place to stand and a consuming hope


the urge is sometimes to hold on as tightly as fingers will allow tendons strain forearms tire eventually the effort becomes too much and hands falter slip find themselves cast off into open air forgetting that there are times when long breaths and gentleness are all that's necessary to remain in place to float higher