still haven't started reading a new book this year internet pages keep opening on my screen i guess i'm learning new things with each one but i'm not sure how much is sticking and my eyes are a different kind of tired than they get from the printed page the kind of tired that comes … Continue reading lament


i learned to live inside all these wires more of my life in them than out i dream of severing all these connections bit by bit until there is only paper and ink and skin i wonder what i would find whether i would spend more time closer to all the people these wires make it … Continue reading sever

reversal, 2

as much as i despise glass-screened devices there is a guilty relief in seeing my mother sitting and scrolling for hours at the kitchen table: i can slink off to my room, as i have always done, but now i can pretend i am not leaving her alone.


the tables have turned now it is my father who sits staring intently at the computer screen in the living room giving terse replies when he replies at all gruff and separate disconnected as we've been for decades both of us playing a part in the silence, using screens to divide to escape both of … Continue reading reversal