let me correct my personal mythology of wandering: my pursuit of new journeys is not a search for home; rather, it is part habit, part curiosity i've found a home with a strong frame who moves and breathes, who sees and receives me and though it's said that nothing worth having is ever easy, there's … Continue reading edit

so much

so much joy in the familiar and so much calling from the road i trust my soul to hold it all i trust my legs to take me to strange places i trust my heart to bring me home

motion, 2

pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat a year has passed since i settled my collection of plastic bins and cardboard boxes in this place a few months ago i pulled my book collection out of our cellar storage in part to preserve their pages from what i thought would be a moist bay area winter … Continue reading motion, 2


pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat i was trained for transient life from childhood from conception movement is a survival strategy i was born into and born from i have never quite known how to live any other way pack, unpack, repack, roam, return, repeat repeat, yes, but not so quickly that i do not … Continue reading motion