shoulder seasons

spring is lovely, with its sudden showers and the pleasure of lengthening days but as it pulls me toward summer already i long for autumn when heat and long days gently linger and evening chills begin to fall when my pace slows down after so many miles traveled and there is rest, and calm, and … Continue reading shoulder seasons


twin dreams sprout daily from my chest i am called to forests, highways, unfamiliar landscapes and at the same time, i find my hands yearning for earth and old memories longing for those who have loved me through at my messiest wanting to have both to have everything to have it all: to stay and … Continue reading split


you feel something tug in your chest, resisting, when you find yourself close to beginning the journey head swirls with questions of whether you will make it, whether you know enough, whether you are enough you question your readiness, your strength, until your head spins, and then, because it's the only way to know, you … Continue reading prelude