get up with the breeze

let that chill wind get underneath your clothes evoke goosebumps beneath your carefully composed layers let it remind you that you are warm and alive       title from machine.

the clouds and wet

we were driven indoors in search of a dry place to thaw the earth drank thirstily of the storm the sun took the warmth we made as permission to rest a while longer.

in bliss

i understand the clouds the sun and sky display their love for us so frequently that it is only natural that seasons arrive when they desire a little privacy though their greetings and farewells (at times tender at times torrid) may be hidden their bliss is no less complete their continuing is no less certain. … Continue reading in bliss

warm storm

a rainy season addict whether in northern californian chill or cambodian monsoon heat i go searching for nicotine whenever downpours arrive sweating under an awning taking furtive puffs between internet cafes on monivong boulevard standing in the shelter of a well-loved porch inhaling deeply between laughs drenched in bliss in melancholy in ecstasy in worry … Continue reading warm storm